A Wee Home From Home

A highly charged and compelling dance-theatre piece, A Wee Home From Home explored the dizzying emotions and memories that one man’s homecoming can provoke. Told with affection and wandering through other familiar territory that would rather be forgotten, the show was a roller coaster ride down an unpredictable memory lane.

Frank McConnell’s inspired and well-observed choreography perfectly partnered the caustic and heart breaking observations contained in Michael Marra’s exceptional live music. Directed by Gerry Mulgrew.




"A vivid 65 minute piece"                                                                                                                                          THE SCOTSMAN

"Amazingly talented"                                                                                                                                                 THE HERALD

"It's a panoramic, dystopian vision of the key elements and

clichés of Glasgow's image..... an intensely rich and colourful vision of the city"                                                        THE SCOTSMAN




Creative Team:

Director  Gerry Mulgrew
Music Michael Marra
Choreography  Frank McConnell
Design  Karen Tennent
Lighting Design Jeanine Davies
Movement Director Christine Devaney
Performed by Frank MConnell and Michael Marra
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