glen and katie in class - photo roddy mackenzieChoreocraft is an opportunity for choreographers to explore new ideas, or take risks with new directions, or to engage with other artists in a supportive environment under the guidance of plan B’s artistic director, Frank McConnell.  The residencies offer space, guidance and professional fees, accommodation and travel.  In return we ask that you open class/warm up to dance artists in the region and a presentation to meet the public through an informal sharing to engage in conversation about the material being created and your process.  Usually comprising of a two week residency, Choreocraft can be challenging, and can often lead to surprising breakthroughs on the artistic journey.  








Recent Choreocrafts: 

Glen McArtney    (15 - 19 February 2016)

Growing up is tricky... what's cool? Who's kissed who? The constant worrying about what people think, but, does it really matter?


When you are a teenager everything matters. Absolutely everything matters and nobody understands what you are going through or how tough it is. Or so you think, but we've all been there and looking back most of us would trade a substantial amount to be that young, carefree person again. Life doesn't work like that though and we all should have relaxed a little more when we think about it.

I'm going to use this week to explore issues teenagers may face when growing up. Getting to grips with the serious and fun things that can happen and re-living all our pasts to go and tell children to chill out and enjoy it while you can.

Helen Denerley     (17 - 21 August 2015) 

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the creative process is the same no matter what the medium. Usually I would describe that as clearing the mind, doing the research, applying a life time of learned skill and then just opening the mind to let creativity do its job. The challenge here was that there were different skills at work and none of us had ever combined them before. 

My interest is primarily the visual form. I introduced the dancers to what I am interested in sculpturally, the notion of "positive space" where the gaps are as or more important than what is physically there. The dancers responded to this idea concentrating on creating spaces for the next dancer to fill. It was a good starting point.

Kathryn Spence    (16 - 20 February 2015)


I will use this time to explore using different choreographic tools with other dancers. I have been working a lot using inspiration from a recent trip to the Chinese/North Korean border. The themes of boundaries and restriction came from this, as well as from the old oil tanks in Invergordon, which are built into the hill directly behind where I am currently living. 


I plan to explore the idea of using images and film from the tanks as well as sound recorded in them (they have the longest echo in the world). I am hoping to make a piece with four dancers (Sarah Fletcher, Hannah Vincent and Gabriela Sanchez with myself as the fourth). 





Christine Devaney - Curious Seed    (1 - 12 December 2014)


Week 1    Moving Monologues 

I'm using this opportunity to work with composer and writer Luke Sutherland in a different way to how we usually approach our collaborations.  We will start with two monologues, one that Luke has adapted from something he has already written, the other still mere thoughts and fragments, to be drawn out of me as we work. We will work with performer and theatre maker Alice Cooper.


Week 2    Threads

We're going to make a short film - another thing I haven't done before! Over the last year I've been developing a new work for Curious Seed (Dust and All That...) in collaboration with theatre company Magnetic North. It began from a tiny solo that I created during Magnetic North's Rough Mix workshop in Lyth Nov. 2012. I then invited various artist to respond to this and my evolving process.

For this short film I'm returning to the fragile atmosphere and delicate material that emerged between myself, Composer David Paul Jones and performer Ian Spink very early on in the process over one year ago. Designer Karen Tennent and Video Artist Jonathan Charles will make this with us.




Karl Jay Lewin      (17-19 November 2014)


Extremely F***ing Pedestrian: A bit of research into applying the theoretical concepts of 'sorting algorithms' (step-by-step procedures used in computer programming to arrange elements of differing numerical values or sizes) in order to explore the multifarious roles and movement languages of the pedestrian. 




plan B / Airfield    (17-26 October 2014)

fast+Dirty 2014 took place in October with 24 artists, choregraphers, designers, dancers, sound artists and technicians collaborating to create a huge and dynamic mix of innovational pieces that were shared everyday at plan B's unique base 'The Shed'.

You can see more images on facebook at plan_B_creative and you can find out more about previous fast+Dirty workshops at

Email if you would like more information about fast+Dirty 2014.


Stephen Pelton Dance Theatre    (28-3 October 2014)

Lauda Adrianna - created by Stephen Pelton from movement devised by the performers. Music by Gavin Bryars, Laude Cortonese. Performed by Freya Jeffs, Nick Keegan, Lennie, Tess Letham & Joanne Pirrie.

Lauda Adrianna is set to composer Gavin Bryars’ contemporary re-settings of 14th century Italian songs called laude.  These songs were religious in nature, but not liturgical; sung only outside of the church its self. Considering these songs, which in Bryars’ versions hover somewhere between early and contemporary music, Lauda Adrianna asks what it is that devotional music offers a contemporary, non-religious listener. How does it comfort and inspire us, outside the context of any religious practice, when facing the mysteries of faith, life and death? The creation of Lauda Adrianna was supported by Dance Base - Edinburgh, plan B - Evanton, Dance House - Glasgow and City Moves -  Aberdeen.


Lucy Boyes and Steinvor Palsson   (15-19 September 2014)


Steinvor and Lucy began working together during a choreographic residency at Dance Base with Liz Lerman and David Gordon in 2012.

During this time they became inspired to explore a process with the intention of making a solo for each other.  

Following a residency at Dance Base in 2013, this is the second period of research exploring further this collaborative relationship and process. 








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