Parallel | Parallels

parallel | parallels

parallel| parallels was plan B's first professional production since 2001 and explored the world of parallel universes, drawing on material created during Fork in the Road . This project brought together the creative team of Frank McConnell (choreographer), Christine Devaney (associate choreographer), Michael Marra (music composition), John Harvey (text), Karen Tennent (design) and Jeanine Davies (lighting design). Scientists believe and have now proven that particles can be in more than one place at the same time and the piece examined what this meant for the human condition.

Performed in traverse, the production was visually and musically unique, blending song, narrative and movement into two co-existing performances. plan B performed parallel | parallels at Dance Base during the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe followed by a short tour covering Scotland in September.


"A hearfelt celebration of what it means to be alive" THE SCOTSMAN

 "Beautiful, stunning and head-spinningly clever to the point of genius" HAIRLINE


Creative Team:  

Choreography Frank McConnell
Music Michael Marra
Text John Harvey
Design  Karen Tennent
Lighting Design Jeanine Davies
Movement Director Christine Devaney
Performed by Libby Daye, Christine Devaney, Lina Limosani, Tom Ward, Malcolm Shields and Michael Marra 




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